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Daguan Tongbao is in a hurry to find a collector.

笔者近段时间走访云南期间,无意探访到云南金先生收藏到一枚稀世珍品 北宋《大观通宝》。

During his recent visit to Yunnan, the author had no intention of visiting Mr. Jin of Yunnan to collect a rare treasure in the Northern Song Dynasty, "Daguan Tongbao".



The author through the guidance of the local villagers, found the tibetan Mr. Jin, in Mr. Jin's introduction, the author learned that this collection has never been great.

This collection is the "Great View Tongbao" by Mr. Jin of Yunnan, which was minted during the Great View Years of the Northern Song Dynasty (1107-1110 A.D.). The northern Song Dynasty currency, "Daguan Tongbao", is by Huizong's title money.


As soon as this “big” the character presses down firmly specially long works as ten big view copper coins, the money diameter 40 millimeters, compared to work as ordinary ten big view copper coin 38 millimeters slightly big; The depth 3 millimeters, work as ordinary ten big view copper coins are slightly thicker than; Weight 18.2 grams, also compared to works as ordinary ten big view copper coin heavy somewhat; Manufactures fine artistic, chapter of smooth, surface Wen Heyuan deep towering.The Song Dynasty money holds the important status in the Chinese money history, is today people watches, the collection rich buried treasure.



"The wind flow of heaven and the sky out of the view, iron painting silver tick word end. Smell the copper goods in the road less, let the iron to buy Jiangshan! "The poem is the thin gold body of the Northern Song Dynasty Huizong.


Although Chinese all previous dynasties coined money inscription on a coin, for human impression deepest factor Song Dynasty Zhao Ji “thin golden book” for first, other inscription on a coin calligraphy good, the style and the average man calligraphy are mostly the same except for minor differences, but thin Jin Shuque has the out of the ordinary style, receives the human to like specially.




On the other hand, in domains and so on culture, art, the emblem ancestor once has made the important contribution.In the currency culture innovation, he also personally sets an example, spare no effort.The Zhao Ji calligraphy begins studies Huang Tingjian, Xue Ji and Zhu Suiliang, latter from becomes a body, is called “the thin gold style”, iron picture silver hook vigor thin elegantly simple, the graceful bearing is unique, may be called one certainly.

But "Big View Copper coin" Qian Ze is the emblem ancestor calligraphy art representative works, in which running script big view small sheet iron female thin gold style special extra-large big view.This kind of money all is rare and precious.

Shows for imperial book Qian " da view copper coin " folds two money.The money puts on Guo symmetrically neat, the copper color is slightly deep.Inscription on a coin " the big view copper coin " typeface is elegant, the tone gets an idea, “passes the " character square head for Song Dynasty( passes the character " raised path abbr ningpo " writing square shape).The reverse side does not have the engraved inscription.



Large-scale copper "Daguan Tongbao" is mostly passed on to ancient coins, rarely unearthed.


直接联系 金先生:15887702538  


According to Mr. Jin of Yunnan. Family has always been like the collection, the ancestral is out of three a product officials, Mr. Kim inherited the family hobby collection. The collection is rich, involving ceramics, ancient coins, coins, items, etc. , there is no shortage of treasures. Some of the collections have been featured in local collections and have been well received. Now a selection of "Daguan Tongbao" treasures for sale to the favorite coin collectors. Opportunities are rare, interested directly can contact Mr. Kim. 15887702538

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